How to Minimize Your Cleaning Time

How to Minimize Your Cleaning Time

Here at AspenClean, we really love cleaning – obviously! But we also understand that most people have better things to do, especially when you want to have people over.

The struggle lies in having a home that is clean and welcoming enough to gather in without having to spend hours cleaning to get it that way. Read on to find our top tips to help you clean less and live more.

Clean less with prevention

1. Place doormats at all entry points to prevent dirt, mud and snow from being tracked in

The most effective way to cut back on cleaning for more living time is to minimize mess. We’re yet to discover any mess-repellent solutions, but some tricks for your home will help prevent it.

The first is to use inside and outside mats for external entryways. On the outside, use a rugged outdoor mat that will hold up to the elements and scrape away chunks of dirt, mud and muck. A finer secondary mat on the inside can be used to wipe up smaller bits of dirt and excess moisture.

2. Implement a "no shoe" policy

It will also help if you encourage people to take their shoes off and leave them by the front door. For especially dirty footwear like rubber boots and hiking shoes, we suggest using a boot tray that you can shake off periodically rather than having to mop and clean the floor.

3. Place coasters and trivets

Coasters and trivets can protect your furniture from scratches and spills.

4. Wash dishes and put things away immediately

After meals, wash dishes and put away leftovers right away to prevent mess and make cleaning easier.

5. Stop splatter

Our favourite preventative tip for the kitchen is to stop splatter. Do this in the microwave by placing a paper towel or plate over your food when you heat it up, and invest in a splatter guard to catch wayward sprays before they turn into something you’ll need to wipe off the stove.

How to Minimize Your Cleaning Time

Clean as you go

It may seem counterintuitive, but cleaning more often will help you clean less. We’re not talking about scrubbing your bathroom or degreasing the oven; we’re talking about staying on top of everyday mess before it becomes a hefty cleaning task.

This means wiping up spills right after they happen, cleaning dishes after each meal, putting away clothes when you take them off, and putting things away after each use.

If you aren’t in the habit of cleaning, you can do some things to help. Rather than piling dirty dishes in the sink, change where you put them. Consider lining them up on your countertop beside the sink.

If you have a bad habit of throwing your clothes onto a seat or a bedroom bench, simply remove it. This way, the only option is to put your clothes in the laundry bin or back in the wardrobe. Just make sure you don’t end up leaving your clothes on the floor instead!

Clean less with a surface sweep

A morning or nighttime sweep is another good way to stay on top of the mess. The idea is to go over the surfaces of your home (for example, the dining table, coffee tables, and kitchen countertops) once a day to declutter quickly. This works under the same principle as clearing up the mess before turning into a huge chore. You’d be surprised how much cleaner your home will feel simply by keeping your surfaces in order.

Use the right tools

When it is time to put in a little elbow grease, make it quick by using the right cleaning products and supplies. One of the easiest time-saving cleaning tricks is using microfiber cloths when you dust and wipe – this should be done first!

Conventional dusters and cloths typically spread dust around. Good quality microfiber cloths are made of microscopic fibres thinner than human hair. This means they are incredibly effective at trapping dust, dirt, oils and bacteria. Using a cloth that picks up the mess, you won’t have to wipe anything again. Invest in a professional, natural house cleaning kit that combines the best eco-friendly cleaning products and tools for an easy, effective cleaning.

How to Minimize Your Cleaning Time

Less stuff for less cleaning

Marie Kondo isn’t taking the world by storm for nothing. There are many positives to decluttering your home, and one of them is faster cleaning.

The less stuff you have to move and clean around, the faster your task will be. We previously wrote about the issue of hoarding and gave some practical steps on how to declutter on this blog.

Have someone clean for you!

Home cleaning: it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Perhaps you haven’t considered that it actually doesn’t have to be you!

Mess is an inevitable part of life; there’s no way to avoid it completely. You can get the best of both worlds by hiring the services of professional cleaners to help you maintain a clean home. But not all cleaning services are created equal; there are definitely some things to look out for to ensure you find a suitable service.

Once you find a home cleaning service that you can trust and that delivers great results, you’ll find more time to do the things you love inside and outside your beautiful clean home.

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