Collection: Pet Safe Cleaning Products

AspenClean’s line of pet-friendly cleaners will keep your house spick and span without harming your furry friends. Pet-safe laundry detergent is the perfect tool to reduce odors and stains from your animal’s bed or special blanket without endangering your pet with harmful chemicals. Similarly, AspenClean’s pet-friendly carpet cleaners and floor cleaners are great for getting rid of dirty paw prints or pet hair. Try our eco-friendly, pet-safe cleaning products to keep your house clean and your animals healthy.

Pet Safe Cleaning Products

  • Pet-Safe Cleaning Products

    At AspenClean, we know you care deeply about your animal friends, so we have created a line of pet-safe cleaners so you can have peace of mind when you clean your home. Just as some chemicals are toxic to humans, many chemicals often found in household cleaners are toxic to pets. The toxicity level in some household cleaning products put pets at risk for cancer, as well as liver and kidney damage. From pet-safe laundry detergents to dish soap and surface cleaners, AspenClean pet-friendly cleaning products are made from 100% plant-derived, organic ingredients that are completely safe for your pets. All pet-safe cleaning products are hypoallergenic and scented with pure essential oils, never containing artificial fragrances, preservatives, or toxic chemicals—because pets are part of the family too.

  • Tough on Pet Stains

    Keeping your house clean can be even more challenging with pets. AspenClean’s non-toxic line of pet-safe cleaning products helps you clean up the mess. Our award-winning pet-friendly cleaners are highly effective and chemical-free. Tested, approved, and used by professionals, AspenClean’s pet-safe floor cleaner fights stubborn pet stains and unpleasant pet odors while keeping our animal friends healthy and safe. Made with cosmetic grade, natural, and vegan ingredients, AspenClean pet-safe cleaners are tough on dirt but gentle on your pets.