Special Cleaning Service Requests

Special Cleaning Service Requests

Need something extra?

Have something we need to pay extra special attention to during your cleaning? Let us know when you call or book online by adding special cleaning requests to your natural clean and/or selecting from the list below:

AspenClean Add-ons Checklist

    • Laundry of linens & towels - Gold
      We wash, dry and fold linen and towels. We will put a load of laundry into a washer, transfer it into a dryer, take it out of the dryer and fold it. Washer & dryer instructions and laundry detergent must be provided. Maximum 1 load of laundry will be completed.

    • Laundry of linens & towels - Silver
      We wash linen and towels and transfer them into a dryer. Laundry will be left in the dryer. Washer & dryer instructions and laundry detergent must be provided.

    • Laundry folded.
      We fold garments that have been washed and dried prior to our arrival.

    • Additional Laundry - If laundry of various garments other than linen & towels is required, please call us to discuss how we can help.
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