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Read through testimonials from AspenClean Customers in VancouverCalgaryToronto, North Vancouver, West VancouverBurnabyNorth York and all the other cities we serve to find out what they thought of their AspenClean home cleaning and maid service.

  • "AspenClean has always done a professional, impeccable job of cleaning our home! Their attention to detail is unsurpassed! We are most impressed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

    Jason S.
    West Vancouver, BC

  • "Thanks again for the house clean yesterday, you guys were awesome! You went above and beyond what I expected and the little touches - the folded toilet paper, my dog's folded blankets in her house and the organizing of our space - were nice touches!"

    Calgary, AB

  • "It was wonderful to come home to a clean house without all the chemical smells. My husband was particularly happy that he didn't have a headache after."

    Louise D.
    Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC

  • "Thank you so much for the incredible job you did cleaning my house yesterday. My hubby decided to surprise me by bringing in your team while I was at work. I came home yesterday to an immaculate apartment, full of the fresh smell of lavender. My house is so beautiful and so clean! Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful surprise that simply made my day."

    Lisa B.
    Markham, ON

  • "I am very impressed with your products. The two ladies from team two that came to clean my place were very very good. I am fussy. I definitely would recommend your products and the ladies that came to clean my place to anybody."

    Nanetta A.
    Vancouver, BC

  • "This condo has never looked or smelled better! Your staff this afternoon, both the general cleaners and the carpet cleaner, were fantastic. It's nice to be in a clean home and not to be choking on toxic fumes. Thanks so much, send me the bill - worth every penny!"

    Allison M.
    Vancouver, BC

  • "The crew did another great job today. I want to let your organization know how VERY HAPPY we are with the work you do. Coming home today was such a pleasure!"

    I.G. BV
    North York, ON

  • "5 out of 5. Always a 5. I'm so pleased to have found your service after trying so many others. The quality of your clean remains as good as the 1st time- that means a lot! We really are so pleased. Both the crew and your professionalism exceeds every other company out there."

    Sarah B.
    De Winton, Calgary, AB

  • "I was DELIGHTED with the work of your team. I have used several different cleaning services before, and this was by far the best anyone's ever done. I was thrilled. Your service is a bit more expensive than others I've used but I think it's worth it."

    Kathy W.
    Vancovuer, BC

  • "The quality of my cleaning service was a 5+++++! I am so impressed! They cleaned things I didn't even know were dirty like my stainless steel appliances. They look better than when I moved in."

    Shauna W.
    Downtown Vancouver, BC

  • "I just wanted to thank you for the amazing initial cleaning that you performed. I was very impressed with the quality of the clean and the fresh (chemical free) smell left behind.I even met some of the cleaners who were professional, presentable, kind, and smiling. I am looking forward to our bi-weekly cleaning schedule."

    Dorian S.
    Calgary, AB

  • "Our home has never sparkled as much as it sparkles today. Your team did a first class job. We’ll be definitely using your company’s services again."

    Donna K.
    Yaletown, Vancouver, BC

  • "We are very pleased with the team that came yesterday to do our home! We look forward to continued services. On the scale, it's definitely a 5 out of 5!"

    Kate C.
    Richmond Hill, ON

  • "Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with how things went today - the girls were GREAT - really great with the kids and the dog and they worked really hard to whip this place into shape. Thanks again to them and you for the great job."

    Marianne W.
    Richmond, BC

  • "Your Team did a great job - this place hasn't been this clean since we bought it! Thanks again."

    Jon A.
    Markham, ON

  • "5 out of 5. We were very pleased with the service and the wonderful personality of the ladies helping us."

    Cody D.
    Calgary, AB

  • "The cleaning was very good. Thank you. I very much appreciate your staff and the thorough work they do. It is the best cleaning service I have ever used."

    Toronto, ON

  • "The service was very good (5). The staff were very courteous, listened to specific requests and noticed things that I had not. They were also kind to my very friendly dog. It was so nice to come home to a clean house – I had forgotten how shiny some surfaces really were!"

    Annette D.
    North Vancouver, BC

  • "I have to say that the team that came to our home on Saturday did an excellent job. Being that this was the first time I used a cleaning company, I was very impressed. I would like to set up a weekly schedule for this service. Thanks again for the great job the team did on Saturday."

    Renitha B.
    Burnaby, BC

  • "I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that your crew is doing a fantastic job with the Diamond Centre for Living here at Friends For Life. My co-worker, Azfir, came in and saw one person working with the dishes. Beautiful and a wonderfully unexpected added touch We’re so thrilled to have you on board with us."

    Friends for Life
    West End, Vancouver, BC

  • "Please thank the team of ladies for me. The house is so incredibly clean, I absolutely love it! Of all things, my Husband is obsessed with the folded toilet paper!"

    Shanna S.
    Calgary, AB

  • "Hi there, I LOVE you guys! The team does a terrific job. They are definitely a 5 out of 5! Many thanks, Laurie"

    Laurie C.
    Richmond Hill, ON

  • "The Team Was EXCEPTIONAL! My house is so sparkling and shiny! They found the dirt that I didn't even know was there! They cleaned my toaster! High levels of awesome."

    Amy I.
    Haysboro, Calgary, AB

  • "The team was excellent and so was the team leader - they did an excellent job. I have never seen our bathroom so clean!"

    Heidi S.
    North Vancouver, BC

  • "Hired AspenClean for a move-in clean; they arrived on time and were extremely professional and nice. Even the customer service people that I had dealt with prior to the appointment were very nice and professional - something that I had issues with when booking through other companies. The team did an amazing job and I had absolutely no complaints. The ease of the website to book was a great bonus too! I would definitely book AspenClean again!"

    Patience L.
    Toronto, ON

  • "Your team did an amazing job on my home and by far exceeded my expectations. They proved to me in several areas that they are very thorough and obviously take great pride in their work. The only other person I know who can clean that well is my mom."

    Linda M.
    Vancouver, BC

  • "I just wanted to tell you how very pleased I am with your team and the whole concept behind Aspenclean. The 'team' works hard and they're all so pleasant and accommodating. Thanks for your attentive service...very much appreciated."

    Wendy G.
    Port Moody, BC

  • "The girls were friendly, professional and I was happy with their work. I'm sure you hear when things are not up to a customer's standards, but I wanted to let you know that the staff who cleaned my house were great. Thank you for a job well done!"

    Calgary, AB

  • "The AspenClean team that cleans my house every two weeks is reliable, dependable and on time. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

    Jim B
    Toronto, ON

  • "They are thorough and professional and pay attention to the small details that ensure you are receiving quality for your money - courteous and fast - happy to continue to use them. "

    Marko H.
    Vaughan, ON

  • "My husband and I became aware of AspenClean through researching cleaning companies in Calgary. In knowing that they used non-toxic products was a key part of our decision, in addition to their high rating of A+ with BBB. We were more than pleased with the results of their first visit, and look forward to experiencing their excellent service on a regular basis. We'd recommend them to people that have never used a service, or like us where it had been many years since having this kind of service. Their professionalism made it a smooth and comfortable process, and the results were exemplary. Thank you!"

    Kathleen C.
    Calgary, AB

  • "I just wanted to say that your Team did a really good, thorough clean today. Thank you for the Team being always on time and so kind, and friendly."

    Coquitlam, BC

  • "I was extremely pleased with the job the ladies did. Everything was done just how I wanted it. It was great not to have to watch to make sure things were done thoroughly. I know I can be a bit of a pain about cleaning, but I like everything spotless. I give them a rating of 5 out of 5. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone else I know who is looking for good cleaners."

  • "My rating is 5+ for this cleaning. The team did a great job and did so many thoughtful little touches. Makes my whole day when I come home and see the little details like my hand towels straightened and folded. Thanks for the great service."

    Shauna W.
    Vancouver, BC

  • "AspenClean consistently does a great job of keeping our home clean and tidy. When I have been here while they are cleaning, the people are always courteous, professional and friendly. Excellent job."

    Janet D.

    Vancouver, BC

  • "The house looked really spotless, when I came back home. The team is really wonderful."

    Cathi S.
    North Vancouver, BC