How to Use the SuperScrub Powder

How to Use the SuperScrub Powder

In the lead-up to the holidays, we will all be spending a lot of time spiffing up the house so that it’s up to receiving guests for the festivities. That means cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! After you have effectively decluttered, now it comes to deep-cleaning.


No worries, though: with the right tools, it’s a breeze! And that doesn’t mean that you will need harsh and harmful chemicals to clean your home either. Our 100% natural and non-toxic SuperScrub Powder is the perfect all-rounder for all the tough challenges in the home.


The SuperScrub is a scouring powder that can be used in a variety of situations, and in different ways. To use as a scouring powder, dampen a microfiber cloth with water or an appropriate cleaner of our selection. Sprinkle the SuperScrub onto the damp cloth, then scrub at the dirt or stains you would like to remove. The powder is non-abrasive and safe on all washable surfaces, so you don’t need to worry about scratching any surfaces.

Another way of using it is to mix some SuperScrub Powder with some water, AspenClean Dish Soap or one of our cleaners in a small bowl to make a paste. This paste can be used for especially tough stains. Apply the paste to the stain, and leave it on for 5 minutes. After, wipe with a microfiber cloth. This can be used on various stains and surfaces - see the most common uses below.

Woman is using AspenClean Oven and Stove top Cleaner Kit


Whether you are baking Christmas cookies, cooking a holiday dinner or simply preparing hot mulled wine or cider, the kitchen is undoubtedly the centre point of holiday preparation and needs to be cleaned especially carefully. Most kitchen cleaners contain harmful chemicals, which can leave toxic residues on surfaces where you prepare or serve food.

Which is why it’s so important to have a non-toxic cleaner for your kitchen. With our SuperScrub Powder, you don’t need to worry about toxic residues, as it is completely free of harmful chemicals. Use our Kitchen Cleaner and Kitchen Microfiber Cloth with SuperScrub powder, and tackle the hard stains on sinks and fixtures, tables, countertops, stovetops or appliances.

If you have tough stains, such as discolouration on cutting boards or countertops, or burnt-in food on the stovetop which you can’t remove with normal means, use the paste. The stains should come right off! 

You needn’t worry about scratching your glass or ceramic stove tops or shiny appliances either. Our SuperScrub Powder is safe for all washable surfaces. It’s completely non-abrasive, and will not leave any scratches on your surfaces.


Before putting your turkey or tofurkey into the oven, make sure it is sparkling clean - but without harsh chemicals! Use the Kitchen Cleaner and Kitchen Microfiber Cloth to give the whole oven a good wipe - inside and outside. No worries, you won’t scratch the appliance or the glass window.

If you have spots of burnt-in food or grease, mix more paste of SuperScrub Powder with Kitchen Cleaner or water. Put the paste onto the stains, leave it to sit for about 5 minutes, then wipe clean with your cloth. Read our blog How to Use Scouring Powder to Clean the Oven for more instructions.

A lady is using Natural SuperScrub Scouring Powder to clean the oven


Some stainless steel appliances can be terribly hard to clean. No matter how long and hard you scrub at it, the finger prints just won’t come off! Don’t fret - make a paste with SuperScrub Powder and Glass Cleaner. Using the Glass Microfiber Cloth, apply it to the fingerprints and other stains on your appliances, and polish.

The SuperScrub Powder also works wonders to buff shiny appliances and surfaces. Using a dry Glass Microfiber Cloth, sprinkle some SuperScrub Powder onto the cloth, or directly onto the surfaces you would like to shine, then get to work. Go with the direction of the ‘grain’ for best results. And no worries, our SuperScrub Powder won’t scratch any surfaces.


Even the best of chefs burn food sometimes, so no shame if it happened to you. However, it can be hard to remove the black residue from pots and pans and get them back to their natural state. And that is very important, as food cooked in those pots and pans might pick up a burnt taste, and might burn quicker as well.

If you have some pots like that you are struggling with, we recommend our all-natural SuperScrub Powder. Mix some of the scouring powder with water, Kitchen Cleaner or Dish Soap (any scent), and cover the black residue with this paste. Leave it to sit for some 10 minutes. Then, wash the pot or pan normally with some of our all-natural dish soap. The burnt-in residue will come right off!

Please note that this method is safe for almost all pots and pans: stainless steel, aluminium, enamel, non-stick, … However, you should never wash your cast-iron pans with any product except water. Cast-iron pans develop a protective coating during seasoning, which stops food from sticking to the pan even at high temperatures. This coating can become damaged when using dish soap or any other cleaning products to wash the pan, and food will stick and burn. Simply wash your cast-iron skillet with water and wipe dry with an absorbent cloth.


If you have guests for the holidays, you will also want to make sure the bathrooms are spick and span. Fortunately, the SuperScrub Powder is an all-rounder which can be used in the whole house!

To clean persistent soap scum from sinks, shower stalls and bathtubs, use our Bathroom Cleaner, Bathroom Microfiber Cloth and SuperScrub Powder. Attack the soap scum, water marks and other residues on all washable surfaces with cleaner and powder - it won’t scratch any surfaces.

A person is using the SuperScrub Powder to clean the bathroom

If there are any stains this won’t get rid off, simply make a paste using SuperScrub Powder and Bathroom Cleaner. Spread this paste onto the stains and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Your shower, bathtub, sinks and fixtures will sparkle!


Another spot in the house that we usually tackle with harsh chemicals is the toilet bowl. However, toilet bowl cleaners are often caustic, acutely toxic and dangerous to human health and the environment. Good thing that there are natural, non-toxic solutions for cleaning the toilet bowl!

With our SuperScrub Powder, you can get the “throne” sparkling clean. After spraying and wiping the cover and seat of the toilet and moving them out of the way, simply spray the toilet bowl with our all-natural Bathroom Cleaner. Sprinkle the SuperScrub Powder into the toilet bowl, then give the bowl a good scrub with the brush. Make sure to go under the rim as well.

Once all residues, stains and discolourations are gone, flush the toilet. Thanks to the organic lavender and tea tree essential oils and their disinfecting properties, your toilet is sparkling clean and sanitized - all without harsh chemicals!

A person is using the Natural SuperScrub Scouring Powder to clean the toilet

Whether you are cleaning your home for guests, or if you just want to give it a deep clean without harmful chemicals, the SuperScrub Powder is perfect for all tough challenges. Best of all, it’s non-abrasive and suitable for all washable surfaces, as well as absolutely non-toxic and safe for your whole family.

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