Why you should detox your home this spring

Why you should detox your home this spring

Spring is almost officially upon us. In preparation for that inevitable Spring Cleaning, it’s important to look at what you can do to detox not just your body but your home as well. Here are our top tips for giving your home a fresh detox this Spring.

1. Clean your cleaning products

The first no brainier. There are so many toxins in standard cleaning products, and you cannot trust products that stick a “green” label on them, as there is practically no federal oversight. Replace them with cleaning products that use credible third-party certifications such as ECOCERT or EWG Verified(TM). You can also use simple ingredients in your home, such as white vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (also known as oxygen bleach) for the DIY options.

AspenClean how to detox your home - Water filter

2. Detox your water

Your body is made up of 70% water, so this may be important to look at. According to EWG, tap water contains more than 300 chemicals and pollutants, such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, lead, mercury, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. So, it’s time to make a change. Invest in solid block carbon filters. Those quality carbon block filters will remove bacteria, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, nitrates, fluoride, and parasites.

They can even safely transform rainwater and seawater into drinking water.

3. Change up the bathroom

Replace your plastic shower curtain with a cloth alternative. Many of those plastic curtains contain PVC, which is not something to keep around. Plus, when your cloth curtain gets dirty, throwing it in the laundry along with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and a non-toxic eco-friendly laundry detergent is easier.

4. Break up with dryer sheets

While they may make your clothes feel nice, most coat them with chemicals like quaternary ammonium compounds—which have been linked to the development of asthma—and acetone. Also, your towels will be more absorbent without the chemical covering.

AspenClean how to detox your home this Spring - Receipt ink

5. Don’t leave receipts in your grocery bags

These receipts leak Bisphenol A, which can mimic estrogen and other hormones in the body. They can be harmful to young children and infants. This isn’t something you want leaking all over your fresh organic produce.

6. Take your shoes off

You can reduce 60% of all toxins in your home by leaving your shoes outside. Most household dirt and pesticides come from what you drag in. Consider your home shoes free.

Keep your home fresh and clean all through the year. And if you even go further, get your home detoxed by a professional cleaning service. AspenClean cleaning services are available in the Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto areas.

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