Five things for the best mother's day

Five things for the best mother's day

It’s almost that time of the year again! No, it’s not quite time to dust off the Christmas ornaments, but this Sunday marks our second-favourite day: Mother’s Day! Celebrate the most important person in your life (because she’s the one who gave it to you!) and do something special for your mom. Here are some of our favourite things we like to do for mama bear:

Mother’s Day: breakfast in bed

You’ve been doing it since you were old enough to reach the stove. It’s a timeless classic. Moms love breakfasts, and moms love beds. Why not combine the two? There’s a reason why serving your mum breakfast in bed in a cheesy cliché - it works! So break out the frying pan and work on those pancakes and eggs. Oh, and don’t forget also to bring her a fresh and healthy juice!

Five things for the best mother's day

Surprise your mom with a clean home

It's easy to take the cleanliness of the house for granted. But the reality is that the mom of the household is generally the one who spends the most time cleaning up messes, organizing the cabinets and closets, and generally keeping the house in shape. All this takes longer than you might think.

So what's the solution?

One option is a gift card for a natural home cleaning. Alternatively, you could buy your mom a gift card for some AspenClean all-natural products. Whichever you choose, you'll be guaranteed to surprise and delight your mother.

You can also remind her of a few tips to add self-care to her cleaning routine. She always deserves it!

Mother’s Day: a day at the spa

What mother doesn’t like to get pampered? A spa day splurge is one of the best things you can give your mom for Mother's Day. Make sure she gets the full treatment - facial, manicure, maybe even a nice massage! Ensure that she comes out nice and refreshed - she deserves it! While she’s out, why not sneak in a natural home cleaning so she doesn’t have to worry about the chores once she gets home? You can spend a quality day out with your mother in the knowledge that she’ll come home to a sparkling-clean house. Is the home already clean? No problem at all. Send one of our gift certificates to her inbox, and we’ll come whenever she wants a break.

Five things for the best mother's day

Plan the perfect picnic with your mom

If packing in with two hundred other people at a restaurant while trying to converse with your mother doesn’t appeal to you, we totally understand. Instead, consider taking your mom on a lovely picnic in the woods or a local park. Pack a basket full of delicious, nutritious foods, maybe include a good bottle of wine, and set out on a leisurely stroll for the afternoon. You can both enjoy the fresh air and take a break from a hectic life full of electronic distractions.

Take care of your mom throughout the year

Despite our continued protests, Mother’s Day only occurs once a year. If we had it our way, every day would be in appreciation of our awesome moms!

But don’t think your obligations end once Sunday comes and goes - make sure your mom is cared for all year. Take the time out of your day to talk to her and tell her how much you appreciate her. Sometimes that’s all it takes to put a smile on your mom’s face! Maybe you could offer to take over cooking duties every once in a while. You can also surprise her with some natural cleaning products made with organic essential oils, give her the occasional back rub, and always take the time to share a laugh and a smile with the most important person in your life.

Finally, if you are running out of ideas (you never know), you can our EWG Verified™ gift ideas that your mother will love.

For more information on sustainable tips or daily cleaning hacks, check out our blog!

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