Chemical ingredient transparency in North America

Chemical ingredient transparency in North America


California has introduced the first legislation in all North America to labeling ingredients of cleaning products mandatory.

Process that for a second.

What that’s saying is that everywhere else In North America there are no regulations or enforcement around cleaning companies to release the full ingredient list that make up their products.

While Canada is typically thought of as a greener alternative than the neighbor to the south, the Canadian Government lacks the exact same laws around ingredients lists for house hold cleaners. Diligent shoppers may look closely at the ingredient lists on their hair products and cosmetics and avoid harmful chemicals such as phthalates, that exact same chemical does not have to be declared if it’s used in cleaning products.  

That insanity has created a call to action for the Federal Government to pass legislation requiring full transparency from cleaning manufacturers. That road is currently being paved, which is why a parliamentary committee recently made 87 recommendations to strengthen the main toxics law, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)

What to do in the mean time? Get educated on how you can stay safe. Look for quality accredited certifications such as ECOCERT, or EWG. Also learn which “eco” certifications on these bottles are less than reputable or outright scams. Organizations such as ECOCERT certify products based on the quality, transparency and sourcing of ingredients in compliance with their strict regulatory standards.

AspenClean is the only cleaning products manufacturer in North America that is certified by ECOCERT and has an illustrious “A” rating by EWG. The company was created under the belief that to help consumers find a cleaner, healthier option, transparency should be mandatory.

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