Professional Spring Cleaning Checklist

Professional Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning is not just an old tradition but also very important for your health! Whether you are a neat freak, a cleaning aficionado à la Marie Kondo, or abhor even the thought of cleaning - we will help you get your spring clean done.

This spring cleaning checklist is used by our professional cleaning teams and will make working through the annual task much more manageable!

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Why do we have to spring clean?

After a long winter, the days are getting longer and warmer again, and we find ourselves on the brink of another spring season. To wipe away the winter blues (and filth), it’s vital to give your home a very deep and thorough clean.

While we clean the home on a regular basis, this is usually more of a touch-up than a deep clean. A thorough cleaning, like a spring cleaning, involves steps that are not included in our typical cleaning routine.

So spring cleaning will remove dust, dirt, and grime gathered in hard-to-reach places despite our best regular cleaning efforts. Removing the residues gathered will improve indoor air quality and reduce your potential suffering from asthma.

Did you know that living in a cluttered space can cause mental health problems? We tend to feel tired and listless in spring - this is called spring fatigue. Deep-cleaning your home will chase away the listlessness and give you energy. With a clean house, your mood will improve, and you will be ready to open your home to visitors.

How to make your ultimate spring cleaning checklist?

If you have prepared your home for spring cleaning, you probably have a list of chores and supplies. Typically, divide your home into rooms and big rooms into manageable sections. In every room, separate the work into areas such as overhead cabinets or drawers and divide them into individual tasks. These tasks will tell you what supplies you need.

A checklist is an essential tool when tackling your spring clean: it will help to make sure all tasks are completed, keep you on track, and give you a sense of accomplishment as you work your way through. So following this checklist will help you work through this annual assignment much easier and faster! Also, as we said earlier, our professional cleaning teams use this spring cleaning checklist.

General spring cleaning to-dos

Deep cleaning your home should include washing every room's most obvious (yet often overlooked) parts. The following tasks are the same in all rooms. Therefore, you can either do them task by task in each room or add them to the to-do list for each room.

Spring cleaning checklist for all rooms

✔ Window sills and window tracks cleaned
✔ Walls dusted, cobwebs removed, marks on walls cleaned
✔ Heaters dusted and wiped
✔ Door frames and doors wiped; doorknobs wiped and sanitized
✔ Light switches wiped and sanitized
✔ Garbage emptied
✔ Baseboards dusted and wiped
✔ Carpet and area rugs vacuumed
✔ Hard surface floors vacuumed and washed; scuff marks spot-cleaned

Professional Spring Cleaning Checklist - Kitchen

Spring cleaning the kitchen

Despite your best efforts to stay on top of the mess, you’ll likely encounter some surprise tasks when spring cleaning the kitchen. This is why it is important to have a checklist to keep you on track.

By arming yourself with a plan, the right non-toxic kitchen cleaner, and an all-natural scouring powder, you’ll make one of the toughest spring cleaning jobs so much easier.

Kitchen spring cleaning checklist

✔ All surfaces dusted
✔ Cabinet interiors cleaned and organized
✔ Cabinet exteriors cleaned
✔ Fridge interior and exterior cleaned
Oven interior and exterior cleaned
✔ Appliance exteriors cleaned (hood fan, microwave, dishwasher, …)
✔ Small appliances wiped (toaster, coffee maker, ...)
✔ Countertops and shelves dusted and wiped
✔ Dishes washed
✔ Sinks and backsplash washed
✔ Tables and chairs dusted and washed

Extra tasks in the kitchen

✔ Fridge interior organized
✔ Freezer defrosted, cleaned and organized
✔ Fridge/freezer coils vacuumed
✔ Fridge/freezer moved and vacuumed/mopped behind and underneath it
✔ Dishwasher interior cleaned
✔ All crockery, glassware, cutlery, pots, pans, utensils, utensil holders and food storage containers washed and dried
✔ Drying rack cleaned
✔ Appliances taken apart, deep-cleaned, descaled, ... (blender, food processor, coffee machine, kettle, …)
✔ Sink unclogged, garbage disposal cleaned
✔ Knives and scissors sharpened

Professional Spring Cleaning Checklist - Bathroom

Spring cleaning bathrooms

Bathrooms have the potential to accumulate scum, dirt and grime. Especially if the bathroom is only deep cleaned once a year. A strong microfiber cloth, natural cleaner, scouring scrub and thorough checklist will help leave you with a squeaky clean bathroom.

Bathroom spring cleaning checklist

✔ All surfaces dusted
✔ Cabinet interiors and exteriors cleaned
✔ Countertops and shelves dusted and wiped
✔ Toilet cleaned and sanitized inside and out
✔ Mirrors cleaned
✔ Sink cleaned and sanitized
✔ Bathtub, shower walls and glass doors cleaned and sanitized
✔ Towels changed

Extra tasks in the bathroom

✔ Washable bath mats washed
✔ Shower curtains washed
✔ Soap dish/dispenser cleaned
✔ Makeup decluttered and organized; makeup brushes cleaned
✔ Toothbrushes changed; toothbrush holder cleaned
✔ Hair brushes, combs and accessories cleaned
✔ Sink and drains cleared and unclogged
✔ Shower head and faucets decalcified
✔ Tile grout scrubbed
✔ Exhaust fan vacuumed, and its hood removed and cleaned

Professional Spring Cleaning Checklist - Bedroom

Spring cleaning bedrooms

Deep cleaning bedrooms at least once a year is important to ensure you rest in a healthy space. Carpets, clothing, linen and daily use can contribute to a build-up of allergens such as dust and dirt, which can be harmful to your health. Just be sure that you don’t replace them with common cleaning ingredients that trigger asthma or pose other health threats.

Bedroom spring cleaning checklist

✔ Items tidied
✔ Beds changed, linen washed
✔ All surfaces dusted
✔ Closet/wardrobe interiors and exteriors cleaned
✔ Mirrors cleaned

Extra tasks in the bedrooms

✔ Mattresses rotated and/or flipped
✔ All picture frames dusted and wiped
✔ All washable pillowcases and throws washed
✔ All washable pillows and duvets washed
✔ Winter clothing washed and stored away

Professional Spring Cleaning Checklist - Living areas

Spring cleaning for living areas

Special attention should be paid to details in high-traffic common areas such as living rooms, entryways and hallways. Spring cleaning is a good time to vacuum skirting boards and upholstered furniture and to wipe overlooked areas such as the tops of photo frames and light switches.

Living areas spring cleaning checklist

✔ Items tidied
✔ All surfaces dusted
✔ Upholstered furniture vacuumed
✔ Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened out
✔ Closet interiors and exteriors cleaned
✔ Mirrors cleaned

Extra tasks in living areas

✔ Doormat thoroughly shaken out
✔ Fireplace cleaned out
✔ All picture frames dusted and wiped
✔ All washable pillowcases, throws, and slipcovers washed
✔ All washable pillows and duvets washed
✔ Tablecloths and placemats washed
✔ Upholstered furniture spot-cleaned
✔ China in cabinet dust
✔ Silverware polished

Additional spring cleaning tasks

If you are not tired of cleaning yet, there are many more tasks that we should do at least once a year to make sure our homes are as clean and safe as possible. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know!

Extra tasks for spring cleaning

✔ Cabinet interiors and drawers decluttered and organized
✔ Top of cabinets and fridge cleaned
✔ Light fixtures and lamp shades dusted
✔ Ceiling fans dusted and wiped
✔ Air vents vacuumed, dusted and wiped
✔ Filters cleaned or replaced (washing machine, dryer, hood fan, bathroom, furnace, …)
✔ Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors tested; fire extinguisher checked for expiration
✔ Electronics dusted; remote controls, keyboards and mice wiped and sanitized
✔ Stuffed animals and soft toys washed; hard toys wiped and sanitized
✔ Pet beds, bowls and toys cleaned and sanitized
✔ Curtains washed, blinds wiped
✔ Windows washed inside and outside
✔ Window screens and screen doors dusted (duct tape works great!)
✔ Garbage can(s) washed out
✔ Washing machine/dryer cleaned
✔ Shoes and shoe rack cleaned and organized
✔ Purse/bag emptied, wiped out and organized
✔ Cell phones, keys, wallets wiped and disinfected
✔ Reusable grocery bags washed
✔ Vacuum cleaner cleaned, filter/bag replaced, dust cup wiped

Tips for spring cleaning

You can also find extra tips to be eco-friendly this spring cleaning.

  • Before you start deep cleaning, make sure all rooms are tidy and free of any clutter so that you can thoroughly clean the space. Decluttering after you’ve cleaned can also kick up more dust, meaning you would have to clean again.
  • Get all your supplies together before you start cleaning! If you need to pause your spring clean in order to get new supplies, not only will your efficiency decrease, but also your enthusiasm.
  • Microfiber cloths are the best tool for removing dust because they pick it up instead of spreading it around.
  • While many prefer to use All Purpose Cleaner for all tasks in the house, we recommend using a specialized Glass Cleaner and Glass Microfiber Cloth for your mirrors, windows and stainless steel appliances - anywhere you want a streak-free shine!
  • If you don’t live on the ground floor and can’t easily reach the outside of the windows, you might want to call in professionals to clean those for your own safety.
  • You can maximize your time by moving on to other jobs while hard-to-clean items soak, such as oven racks or the shower head.
  • Drains can potentially build up hidden mess, so it’s best to act before it clogs. To clear a partial drain block, simply pour some boiling water into the drain, followed by a generous sprinkle of baking soda. Let it sit for a few minutes, then pour more boiling water and vinegar into it. Plug the drain for another few minutes to force the solution further down. Rinse one last time with boiling water. Repeat this process until water drains freely.

Download a printable version of our complete spring cleaning checklist here.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? We are here to help! You can call on the help of cleaning professionals for your spring cleaning (if you’re lucky enough to live in the Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto areas.)

Do you have all your supplies for the spring clean yet? Make sure you are not bringing harmful chemicals into your home while deep cleaning! Look for all-natural, non-toxic spring cleaning products and supplies - such as ours! AspenClean cleaning products are EWG VERIFIED, all rated A on EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning, and absolutely safe to use around babies, pets and with sensitivities.

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