Are diy cleaners worth it

Are DIY cleaners worth it?

Cleaning your home is a lot easier when you're equipped with the right tools and products to get the job done. But a lot of the time this means different solutions to clean different materials, which also means an abundance of chemicals.


Being advocates for natural, eco-friendly products - AspenClean likes to promote D.I.Y cleaning tips that are chemical free and work, making your home a clean and safe environment. Non-toxic homemade cleaning products aren't just better for us; they can also save you money and protect the environment. Some of the most common natural ingredients in making an all-purpose D.I.Y cleaner are;


  •    White vinegar
  •    Baking soda
  •    Essential oils
  •    Fresh citrus
  •    Water


We know that these ingredients are effective in cleaning, but the problem is they can also be damaging to certain surfaces. The acid in vinegar can be considered corrosive and should not be used on granite, marble and soapstone counter-tops as the acid can react with the stone making them lose their shine. It has also been known to affect certain types of finishes on wooden surfaces.


The same is considered for baking soda in D.I.Y cleaners, as the mineral is considered abrasive and can wear away finishes. This particularly affects metal surfaces, aluminium cookware and gold and silver jewellery.


At AspenClean we want to help you create that natural all-purpose cleaner that is eco-friendly, works effectively on all surfaces without damaging them and is economically valuable in saving time and money. However, we also understand that people's busy schedules get in the way of living an eco-friendly lifestyle and that's why we created our Natural All-in-One Concentrate. It's like that Friday feeling in a bottle.


Premium ingredients can increase the price of these products, but the concentrate is better for your health, 100% natural and biodegradable and can make up to 35 bottles, lasting you longer than any other product out there. Just one bottle is effective in cleaning, economical and sustainable, which saves you money and keeps that D.I.Y eco-friendly aspect.


Professionally tested and approved, it easily and effectively cleans all types of washable surfaces, without harsh chemicals and the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic. Having no toxic chemicals means your little ones and animal friends stay safe, while your home stays clean. And for all you festival goers, campers and light travellers it can also be used for dishes, clothes washing, cleaning yourself and even washing your pets.


Compact and eco-friendly is key to a less stress/more success lifestyle. So now the time has come to open your cleaning press and be your own critic on the types of products you introduce into your home. Ask yourself; could this Natural All-in-One Concentrate be the solution to all my cleaning problems?


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