Difference between diy and bought cleaning products

Difference between DIY and bought cleaning products


Homemade cleaning products have surged in popularity in recent years. Here at AspenClean, we're often asked why people should purchase our products. Especially since we hand out cleaning recipes for homemade, healthy cleaners that require just a few simple ingredients. So let's address the question today: if you can easily conjure up a natural cleaning product in the comfort of your own home, why should you instead purchase a bottle of AspenClean (or any other company's) cleaning products?

The answers are more simple than you might have thought.


The first argument for purchasing cleaners from the store is perhaps the most obvious: time. Making your own homemade cleaning products requires a fairly substantial investment of your time. Something that in today's world many of us just do not have enough of.

Furthermore, even if it's as easy as cutting lemon peels into squares, you'll find that the peels quickly begin to go bad after coming off of the lemon itself. Refrigerating the peel will not slow down this process greatly, and a cold peel is ineffective for cleaning. In the case of a homemade spray product, the organic ingredients will begin to spoil shortly after preparation.

So if you're a savvy DIY-er with enough time at home then you could certainly make up a fresh batch of spray cleaners every time you want to remove some dirt or shine the windows. But for those of us who are more hard-pressed for time, making product every single time anything needs to be cleaned is not reasonable.

AspenClean cleaning products, despite being 100% natural, have carefully balanced pH levels to ensure that the organic ingredients in each bottle remain fresh and effective, until you need to use them.


When it comes to effectiveness, there are two main reasons why DIY cleaners do not compare to professional made cleaning products: separation and efficiency.

Lets consider the separation issue first. Separation refers to the settling of ingredients at the bottom of a bottle, while the liquid portion remains at the top. This can severely reduce the effectiveness of your homemade cleaning product, depending on how long the ingredients have been apart. Many DIY cleaning recipes will inevitably lead to separation if they are left to sit for a even a few hours. And the last thing you want is to spend hours making a range of homemade cleaners only to find out they don't actually work as you had hoped.

A cleaning product simply has to work. While many do-it-yourself recipes are effective enough at light surface cleaning, we've found that it still requires a professional-grade product to effectively combat tougher dirt. Why is this the case? Put simply, there are ingredients in professionally-manufactured products that would be difficult to replicate in the home for a similar effect.

Our SuperScrub Powder, for example, uses limestone as the base ingredient. Limestone is a gentle abrasive, meaning it helps loosen tough dirt and grime that would be difficult to remove otherwise. While mainstream companies might prefer a harsh chemical abrasive, we chose to put our faith in natural ingredients. Not only is this safer for the person doing the cleaning, it is also much better for the surface the product is being applied on. While limestone might sound a bit aggressive, it is completely safe to use on delicate surfaces such as stovetops, with absolutely zero marring.

AspenClean SuperScrub Powder with Organic Lavender & Tea Tree Oil

Another example would be the white vinegar mix that forms our range of spray cleaners. Although it is entirely possible to create your own cleaner using vinegar at home, it is not pleasant to work with due to the smell. Finally, all AspenClean products are infused with organic essential oils, which have natural cleaning properties. Ours are extracted from only the finest of ingredients, so you won't find us cutting any corners when it comes to giving you the best cleaning power. Not only does this leave your home smelling fresh - it also provides the benefits of aromatherapy, which can have many positive impacts on the health of your family.


To conclude, then, we don't discourage you from trying out homemade cleaning products from time to time. But our research and experience indicates that, while do-it-yourself solutions might be helpful in-between regular deep-cleanings, they're no substitution for years of careful research and development and a professionally-produced cleaning product. That's why AspenClean gives you the power of a pro in an easy-to-use, ergonomic spray bottle. All you have to do is clean!

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