5 tips for getting prepared for fall

5 tips for getting prepared for fall


While this can be a hard thing to accept eventually the mourning will end. Thankfully, this leads into the factually and objective best season ever. We’re going to ignore the fact that in North America our single best attempt to describe this season was to replace the beauty and eloquence of the word “Autumn”, with literal description that things “fall” down (a fact that you will now never un-see). So lets talk about the top 5 things you need to know to prepare for the best fall ever.



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While we all know you were gunning to show off those summer gains, there’s nothing quite like layering up on that perfect, crisp fall day. When else is it socially acceptable to wear the colour maroon consistently during the week? When can you wear $300 boots on top of $129 yoga pants and be celebrated for it? When can you wear a toque just because you want to?

There are two types of people in this world. Those who do precisely what is described above and liars.



one piece of pumpkin pie on the plate


There is a certain magic that Pumpkin has during the fall season. Suddenly everything from your latte to your doorstop has one associated with it. However there's nothing quite like Pumpkin Pie has during the fall season.

It’s the taste of nostalgia for many people, those memories of family dinners and warm fires that crackle in the most important of their memory banks. ApenClean actually has one of the best recipes for pumpkin pies out there, it has been one of our closely guarded secrets. However, you dear reader can take a peek at that recipe that we keep so hush-hush right here.



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With the weather getting chillier and the falling of the leaves happening faster, it always seems that a mess forms much quicker in this season compared to others. Whether it be the leaves that we drag in from outside, the morning condensation that builds up from the cold air the night before, or just an excess of pie crumbles in suspicious places.

Buying the best cleaning products is quick and easy, or if you’d like a break booking a cleaning service is as easy as pie (I’ll stop now).




colorful nature


What’s better than walking through a living oil painting? The colours that we see every year at this time will never stop being spectacular and hint at just a little magic in this world. Plus, no matter how old you are there is never shame in jumping into a pile of leaves. We’d say there is actually shame in not doing it.



dog with the jacket


There’s really nothing more to say. Without a doubt the most majestic part of the whole season.


Here's one more, just for you:

dog with the jacket



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