How to clean your home with time-saving tips

How to clean your home with time-saving tips


Everybody loves to always have a clean home. But let’s be serious, nobody's got time for that. Short of moving into a micro house, or calling a professional cleaning service (hint, hint), how can you clean your house fast?

The following are some tips to make a clean and happy home more achievable in less time. 


Let’s break this down. Instead of cleaning room by room, compartmentalize the work. It may sound simple (and very basic), but this approach will make all the difference. Maybe start with picking up the visible clutter in the entire house; next, wipe and dust surfaces; then vacuum the floors, and on and on and on.

What makes this approach more efficient? It’s the Mcdonaldization of home cleaning; breaking the work into an assembly line in a factory. To keep your approach consistent, create a checklist and tick off each task as you finish it.

 a girl is swiping a floor


Well, not exclusively. But if you’re short on time and patience, an All Purpose Cleaner (or two) is your best friend. This is not to discount how effective (and awesome) products such as KitchenGlass, or Bathroom cleaners are (because they are), but if you don’t want to juggle several bottles of cleaning agents--and switching from one to another—it’s time to simplify. The job may even be much faster.

Once you get to areas which you may want to keep hygienic you may ask “How can I naturally and safely disinfectant the kitchen and the kids’ playroom?” At this point you’re going to want to switch out the All Purpose Cleaner for something with a little more kick. Where to start? We’ve got you covered. Click here to find the best natural and safe disinfectant options.


AspenClean professional cleaner is using the AspenClean all purpose cleaner to clean the house




We all love HGTV. Even if you say you don’t, we know the truth. While Drew and Jonathan may show us all the newest toys, you don’t have to buy every new cleaning contraption you see on TV.

It only takes a few minutes to do a bit of research and read the reviews. You don’t even have to spend much money; in fact, it’s the simple tools, like a tornado mop or microfiber cleaning cloth, that do wonders.

If you’re still using cotton cloths to clean, it’s time for the microfiber upgrade. This material removes up to 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses with only water. You can know more about the advantage of microfiber by clicking right here


cleaning the wall with AspenClean microfiber cloths




The radiator, the blinds, the fan, the toaster. These are some of the trickiest (and most forgotten) things to clean in your home. There’s nothing more demoralizing then spending 15 minutes tackling a nauseating garbage can while realizing you still have the entire house to go.

So, save them for last, when the floors are already sparkling, the laundered clothes are already in the closets, and the bathroom already smells fresh. This way, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight, and you’re almost done when you tackle that blender gasket.

For a checklist of the tricky (and forgotten) items in the kitchen and how to clean them, we’ve still got you covered (it’s like we did this on purpose). Click here to get in the know

 strawberries in the blender



Professional kitchens have a “clean as you go” rule to avoid accidents and prevent the growth of bacteria. What does this mean? Simple, it’s about keeping an area clean and tidy at all times whilst working, not just at the end of the night. This would be a good policy to practice at home. By doing quick, simple clean ups, like wiping away oil splatters--which takes exactly three seconds--after cooking some tofu bacon, you avoid a lot of future cleaning time.

AspenClean professional cleaners are cleaning the bathroom

Knowing how to clean your house more efficiently means you don’t have to sacrifice an entire weekend to scrubbing. But if you’re just too busy or if the job is too big (we’ve all had that party), there’s no shame in calling the professionals (that means us).

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