How to stay light in the dark winter months

How to stay light in the dark winter months

With the cold weather and the potential grey skies (hello west coast), winter can be a difficult thing for some of us to deal with. Here’s a handy list of the things that you can do to keep cheery and on the up this winter season.

1.  Make a point to get outside

Winter scenery

Whether you’re at home or at the office, take half an hour to yourself and go outside. Breathe some fresh air and get some movement. Unless it’s really cold. Then just pretend you’re doing those things in the car. 

Be careful not to bring snow inside or it could damage your floors. Fortunately, we are always here to give you some tips!

2. Plan activities around warm places (besides your home)

Coffee maker

Make plans to get out of the house. Find a hot spring. Visit a thrift shop. Go and cuddle in your favourite coffee shop and people watch through the windows.


3. Put up fairy lights

Fairy lights

We all want the excuse to have these in our house. Winter is yours. Go and be as basic as you need to be this winter season.

4. Sneak rum into your eggnog

Two cups of eggnog on the plate

It’s been a long year. You deserve it.

5. Invest in a lightbox


These things mimic the sunlight we’re desperately missing these coastal winter months. You’ll think you’re on the beach (or in Calgary) in no time.

6. Cuddle up with your best furry friend

A woman is cuddling up with her pet on the bed

Really there’s nothing better than this. They may even let you be the little spoon.


7. Book a home cleaning

I mean let's be serious, how much do you actually want to clean this winter?

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