Quick cleaning tips for unexpected guests

Quick cleaning tips for unexpected guests


We all need breaks from our busy schedules and a long weekend is a perfect opportunity to give yourself time for rest and relaxation. It’s also a good time to catch up with friends and family. If you’re suddenly sprung with last-minute visitors, there’s no cause for panic.

Read on for 10 quick and easy cleans that will get your home ready for unexpected guests in no time.


The trick to quick “emergency” cleaning is to prioritize and focus on the things that your guests will notice. Your entryway is the first impression of your home, but you’ll probably only be in this area when you greet and farewell your guests.

 Clean entryway


Here, you’ll only need to make the space decent at a glance. There’s no need to spend time vacuuming or dusting every corner. Just give your inside and outside mats a good shake and put away mess that has accumulated here.


You’ll also want to make space for your guests’ items. If you can, free-up hooks or hangers on your coat rack and if your home requires it, make space near the front door for guests to leave their shoes.

You should also create an obvious space for guests to leave their bags or keys. Clear away a surface near the entryway or living area that won’t block walkways or make a mess close to where you’ll be gathering.


After you’ve cleared a surface for your guests’ items, you should move through the rest of your living areas and do a sweep of your coffee table, side tables, TV console and any other surfaces. If you’re too stretched to actually put things away in their proper place, then walk around with a laundry basket that can hold things temporarily.

Clean wood table with a indoor plant  


Quick cleaning is about making things look tidy, not organization, so you can deal with sorting the clutter later if there’s time. Once the surfaces are clear, quickly spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth and all-purpose cleaner.


Cleaning your bathroom is a step you don’t want to miss if you are expecting company. Guests will feel very uncomfortable if the mess and muck of everyday bathroom use is visible.

 A woman is using AspenClean bathroom cleaning kit to clean the washroom


Re-fresh your toilet bowl with a quick wash (a sprinkle of SuperScrub and a quick scrub should do the trick) and wipe up the basin, surfaces and tapware. Also, swap out hand towels and place a spare roll of toilet paper somewhere easily accessible.


There is no need to do a full house vacuum, but it is worth walking around your home - particularly high traffic areas - to collect any visible accumulation of dirt and dust.

Vacuum or sweep these spots with a microfiber mop and spot-clean any soiled spots on the floor if you have the time. Go over your couch and throw pillows with a lint roller to collect pet hair.


A sink full of dirty dishes will make your kitchen look disorderly, even if the rest of it is spotless. Pop them in the dishwasher, or give them a quick wash and leave them on the rack to dry.

If you are desperate (and don’t plan on using the oven for baking), put large items like pots and pans or anything you don’t have time to wash in the oven. It’s all about clearing things up so that your home looks presentable. Just don’t forget to take them out and wash them later!


While you are in the kitchen, open up your fridge and check for any foul smells. There’s nothing more off-putting than a stink from the fridge - especially if you are about to share a meal! Take the time to dispose of anything past its use-by date.


While your nose is on the hunt for stench, check your bins. Take them out if there is a foul odour or even if they are close to being full. Better to do it now than when you have visitors.


When you clean, avoid bleach or chlorine. Not only do these chemicals give off an unpleasant smell, but they are also unhealthy. Chloroform is commonly released as a fume from chlorine bleach, which is linked to respiratory damage and eye irritation. Instead, clean with natural products scented with pure organic essential oils that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Also avoid spraying air fresheners. Air fresheners contain fragrance mixtures that don’t require ingredient listings to be disclosed. This is because of a loophole that defines ‘perfume’ or ‘fragrance’ as ‘trade secret’ designed to protect product formulations.  Some common ingredients in fragrances are phthalates and synthetic musks and studies by the EWG show that these have hormone-disrupting properties. Open windows if the weather permits and let some fresh air into your home instead.


If you have time, go the extra mile with a quick finishing touch that will make your home feel even more welcoming. Light a naturally scented candle, fluff the pillows and buy some flowers.

 Naturally indoor plant



Don’t forget, your guests aren’t visiting to critique your home, so take some time to get yourself feeling relaxed and ready to spend quality time with your guests.

Want to take the stress of cleaning for visitors out of the equation? Book a cleaning service and let us give your home a thorough clean for you!

Bookings prior to the Easter long weekend are booking fast in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. AspenClean will be closed for Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but will be operating as per usual on all other days.  Call our customer service team on 1-855-925-9900 or use our online booking tool below to reserve your preferred date and time as soon as possible.


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