The best DIY Cleaning Tips for the fall

The best DIY Cleaning Tips for the fall

With the shorter days and colder nights it’s understandable that your energy may be a little lower than in the months that preceeded us. The days are short, the colours are spectacular and somehow everything just gets a little dirtier.

Here’s a quick, healthy list of DIY cleaning tips for you to get through this beautiful season.


1. No one likes a smelly garburator. Fix that by throwing in homemade frozen tablets of sliced lemons, limes and vinegar. Natural and refreshing, plus the ice sharpens your blades.

Yellow lemons


2. Having trouble cleaning your shower head? Fill a baggie of vinegar and lemon essential oil, strap it over the shower head and let it soak overnight. In the morning, you won’t believe that shine.

Shower head


3. Want to save time, money, and the earth? Stop dividing your laundry by color and use only cold water. Coldwater saves your fabric, prevents bleeding, and saves 75% of the energy that a warm wash uses.

Bamboo baskets with laundry


4. Keep those mops and brooms fresh and clean. Hang them on a wall organizer instead of on the floor. It keeps bristles intact and mops mildew-free

A girl with the headphone is holding the mop while singing the song


5. Don’t neglect the machines that do your washing. Give your washing machines some love by running them on a hot setting with 1-2 cups of vinegar blow through all the buildup.

Washing machine


6. When your kitchen sponge starts smelling a little off, soak it in some lemon water and put it in the microwave for two minutes. Goodbye funky bacteria. Also…

Yellow kitchen sponge in the microwave


7. The moisture from the lemon juice creates the perfect way to clean your microwave. Just give it a few wipes with an AspenClean Microfiber cloth and you’re good to go!

AspenClean microfiber cloths


8. To keep with the kitchen theme, to make sure your smoothie machine is 100% clean, put a drop of AspenClean dishsoap, some warm water, and turn it on for a few minutes! Your smoothies are ready for the next week.

Strawberries in the smoothie machine


9. Make sure you wash what’s under your linen. Namely your actual pillow. Often. Please.

Stacked four pillows


10. Scratched up those floors? Rub some walnuts over the hardwood baseboards and after a few minutes polish those areas. Damage deposit is safe, no matter who's living with you.

The dog is lying on the wooden floor


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