Fathers Day Activities

At-Home Fathers Day Activities

Time is our most precious gift, whether it’s the amount spent with others the time spent with yourself. In our personal lives, what takes up more time at home than cleaning? While we do have some valuable information about what to clean for Father’s Day, we also have something else in mind.


When thinking of gifts for Dad this Father’s Day, a present which gives time is handing the cleaning to someone else, like say us. The gift of a cleaning, (whether you book it for him, or he does it with an AspenClean Gift Certificate) gets the two of you out together. In the time our residential cleaners are making his home sparkle, here’s a list of what you can be doing.


What’s the hot new trend of Father’s Day 2018? Air Fryers. What is that you ask? They are appliances which fry with hot air instead of oil. They reduce up to 80% of all fat from traditional fryers while still retaining that delicious quality we all love in our French fries (which we obviously never (admit we) eat).

 Because Air Fryers use air to heat food, it does not add the extra calories that submerging food in oil can add. You get the same crispy outsides without all the unhealthy insides. 

 You can even direct him to a few other things that will help green up his lifestyle

Air Flyer


We’re sure dad has a varied assortment of workwear, but to bring him up to speed it’s time to get him in the modern wardrobe inspired by his classic wardrobe. Get him trying on some Chore Coats, Shearling Jackets, or some corduroy. For pants, checked patterns are all the rage.

And don’t forget 2018 is the year of tonal dressing, clashing is so 2017.

A man with the blown jacket


If there’s a better feeling than the first steps into a journey, we haven’t found it. Whether it’s reaching the summit of a trail, riding down an old familiar path, or buckling in and seeing where the road takes you, the journey really is better together.

A man with a hoodie in the forest


No matter where the path leads, you will undoubtedly find a brewery along the way. Sometimes multiple. Not much challenges sitting in the warm sun with the best company and cold drink on Father’s Day.

Even if you or Dad doesn’t drink, there’s guaranteed to be a great selection of food, plus learning the potentially storied history of the brewery. The best gifts for Dad are the simplest. 



Want an easy way to expand both your palette, support local business, and look trendy all at the same time? Food trucks. Whether it’s the new vegan trend, a $2 burger, or food from a country you’ve never heard of, these are your answer.

Let the street food guide you and Dad right into summer.

A man is paying his food truck meal


Whether you or Dad swing clubs regularly, or the two of you don’t know the difference between a sand trap and a caddie, you can’t go wrong with a few rounds of mini-golf. This (mostly) non-contact sport is the perfect way to spend a beautiful summers day and build some memories.


Give Dad the perfect day off, no matter what that looks like. Let AspenClean be a part of that. Click here to book the cleaning service and let us handle the cleaning so that time spent on Father’s Day is only for what matters. 

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