Why your airbnb needs professional cleaning services

Why your AIRBNB needs professional cleaning services


A clean vacation rental is on the top of every vacationer's list. Nobody wants to be on a vacation and see dust in the corner, stains on the sheets, or even worse: bed bugs!

Even if you think your cleaning skills are enough to win over the most discerning AirBnB traveler, you may want to reconsider. Sometimes you simply need to call in the pros. Here's why.


If you didn't already know, AirBnB has a strict policy regarding cleanliness. After all, they want to keep their reputation as the best place to find vacation rentals intact. As such, if your AirBnB consistently receives low cleanliness ratings, you will be subject to penalties. Or worse.

On their website, AirBnB even leaves these minimum requirements for hosts:

  • Clean every room your guests can use during their stay, especially the washroom and kitchen
  • If you provide towels and sheets they should be clean
  • You can charge a cleaning fee and use the extra money to pay for cleaning supplies or hire a professional cleaning service
  • Leave cleaning supplies in your space, so your guests can take care of spills and accidental messes


Reviews are the number 1 factor at play when a vacationer is considering a vacation rental. Because so many vacationers have been burned in the past from choosing an AirBnB with no reviews, this makes them all the more important to obtain. And AirBnB makes it very easy for a person to do so, which can be a blessing, and sometimes a curse.

When guests check out of your AirbBnB, they have the opportunity to review your vacation property. Usually the review states if the property was clean, appliances were working, and how the owners were to interact with. These reviews are displayed at the bottom of your AirBnB listing. In addition, travelers may leave a rating of their overall experience. Which again, appears on your listings page.

Reviews will make or break whether a traveller will book your rental or not. Something as simple as a sheet that looked unclean, or a few hairs in the tub can be extremely off putting. Enough that a traveler may be compelled to doc you a star or mention it in a review. And even if you rectify the situation in a flash, don't forget that a first impression holds a lot of weight.


It's common for AirBnB hosts to charge travelers a cleaning fee. Some hosts even state in their house rules that bathroom towels cannot be stained or an extra fee will be applied upon checkout. This is a normal occurrence that you shouldn't be afraid of enforcing.

Hotels charge cleaning fees as well, so why wouldn't AirBnB hosts? This cleaning fee can be used to pay for professional cleaners.


Most professional cleaning companies have their routines down to a T. They can predict how long a cleaning will take, making it easy for you to determine when a room will be ready for the next guest.

If you choose to use AspenClean for your AirBnB cleaning, you can expect a lot of things:

Complete Ease of Mind
We are fully licensed, bonded and insured with an A+ rating from the BBB

True Green Clean
Our teams will clean your rental thoroughly, removing all signs of previous stays with our award-winning natural cleaning products. We ensure even those vacationers with allergies can choose your vacation home as all our products are 100% natural.

A Sparkling Vacation Rental
We guarantee your 100% satisfaction and promise your AirBnB will be sparkling clean and ready for vacationers to enjoy.


If you're an AirBnB owner, give us a call. We are ready and waiting to make your vacation rental sparkle.

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