Laundry pods vs liquid detergent

Laundry Pods vs Liquid Detergent

Not all dirt and grime is created equally. Anyone who has ever tackled a blood stain knows that ice works great at removing blood but it’s not going to work as miraculously on soil as it does on blood. This is because different stains have different compounds, which means that removing them will take different approaches and sometimes different ingredients. You need different approach to remove stains from fabric, sofa and upholstery, and yet a different guide when learning how to remove wine stains.

To help you preserve your clothing and remove stains, we’ve come up with the ultimate stain removal laundry guide which covers all about what laundry detergent works the best and why. We have also outlined the most effective laundry detergent ingredients for solving the toughest clothing contaminations

Why Laundry Detergent Ingredients Really Matter

A simple way to find out how well a laundry detergent will perform is by checking the ingredients on the product label. If the laundry detergent contains high levels of enzymes and surfactants, the more powerful it will be for lifting soil from your clothing fabric.

As AspenClean embarked on our mission to find the best, most effective laundry detergent ingredients that are eco-friendly and we learned a lot about why certain ingredients are used and what makes them effective.

  • Alkalies

Alkalies are a base and they’re used to react with acids and neutralize them. They work great at removing dirt and stains without rubbing, which can destroy fibers. AspenClean relies heavily on the environmentally safe and powerful alkalies found in baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate.
  • Enzymes

Enzymes are very powerful when it comes to cleaning and decontaminating. Enzymes are a protein that quickly breaks down soils, speeding up the cleaning process. Being a protein, enzymes work really well at cleaning other proteins. Does AspenClean contain any enzymes?  Yes, you can find eco-certified enzymes in laundry pods. 

  • Surfactants

Are common in different formulations of laundry soaps and they’re pretty handy. This ingredient breaks up stains and removes them from fabric and suspends them in water so they can’t redistribute themselves on your garments.

What laundry detergent works the best, laundry pods vs liquid detergent

What laundry detergent works the best - Liquid detergent vs pods?

Selecting a type of detergent isn’t just about preference, here are some benefits to picking the right delivery method, whether it’s liquid or a pack (or power). 

  • Liquid Laundry Soap

As you all know: Liquid detergent is very popular and it’s highly effective. Because this product is mostly water, it’s able to penetrate fabric and release stains. This is why liquid soap can double as a stain treater and it works really well on oil and grease stains. The downside is that there are so many plastic containers going into landfills and you’re paying quite a lot for a product that’s mainly water.


  • Laundry Packs

The single-use pack has become incredibly popular and they’re very effective. People love the convenience of these little gems with concentrated fluids in just the right amounts paired with a softener and less landfill waste. These packs are great for average soil and load sizes.

Packs can be an excellent choice for many households when doing laundry. While liquid detergent may be easier to measure for various load sizes, laundry packs - with their pre-measured and convenient design - provide an easy and convenient solution for your average laundry load while also helping to reduce detergent waste. Additionally, if you need extra help with tough stains, a separate pre-treater like our Oxygen Bleach can be easily used alongside the packs. Overall, packs offer a convenient, effective, and environmentally conscious choice for your laundry routine.


  • Powder Laundry Detergent

Powdered detergents were used long before liquid detergents and they’re extremely cost effective, but they’ve become less popular than liquids and pods. If you have hard water that isn’t treated, powder detergent can be your best weapon.

    Oxygen bleach - laundry booster and stain remover


    Don’t Forget About Oxygen Bleach

    Wondering what is oxygen Bleach and how to use it - it  is one of our favorite products and it comes with so many laundry benefits and none of the toxic drawbacks of traditional liquid bleach. This plant-based product refreshes your clothing without staining or damaging the fibers. It’s a brilliant addition to any type of laundry detergent and it’s environmentally sound. It can be just what you need to boost your wash and extend the life of your clothing

    Why Pick AspenClean Laundry Detergents

    We’ve worked hard to come up with a variety of laundry products that give you all the power you need to have reliably clean clothing with less chemicals and less impact on the environment. This means you can feel good about the products you use, and your clothing will last longer. Of course, your fabrics will also look great, too.

    We think the ideal laundry room features several cleaning solutions. This gives you the tools you need to clean any stain effectively. With AspenClean pods and detergent, you’ve got convenience and efficiency with a little versatility. Add some Oxygen Bleach to your cleaning stash and you’re ready to tackle that laundry pile with ease.

    We’re here to ensure you get the right cleaner for your laundry so that you can preserve the quality of your clothing. If you have more questions about laundry detergent you can find a lot of the answers in our article on the 10 most common laundry questions. If you are still curious or have questions about our dish soap or other natural cleaning products, check out our other cleaning tips!

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